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my thoughts exactly

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16 Foods That Regrow Themselves Infographic from Cooking Stoned.

WAIT WHAT U CAN REGROW GREEN ONIONS I’m such a fuckin idiot i should have known 

Nude paradise cove

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Dilek Baykara


doctors: why are all your bones broken
me: totally gnarly kick flip
doctors: fucking savage bro

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So the other day I wore this outfit, it was pretty hot and I want to get more sun on the parts of my body that are typically covered with clothes. Yes, I expected to get some glances. I realize that some people are offended because my body is not the incredibly thin types we are used to seeing in clothes like this. I realize that many girls (and guys) believe this is only something skinny girls should wear. I also know that some people would say nobody should wear this because it’s “too revealing”. I say fuck that because I realize there isn’t a damn thing wrong with the way I am.

So I’m out with my fiancé and we are going to get some ice cream. A woman and her daughter who is probably around my age are sitting down near a table by the entry and as I walk up I heard someone saying “look” I happen to look up and I see this woman is pointing directly at me and whispering something to her daughter while staring at me the WHOLE TIME. These women are right next to where I am standing. I’m thinking to myself does this woman have no shame or does she not know I see what’s going on. I stopped and glanced at her for a bit, made eye contact. She continued to look me up and down, her daughter either embarrassed or just doesn’t want confrontation won’t even turn to look at me. I rolled my eyes and walked off, brushing it off as a typical gossiping woman with nothing better to do than talk badly about another woman she’s never even met.

Then as I walk in the mom says “look now” rather loudly and I turn around to see the daughter looking. I smile, and wave at them both.. which seemed to make them uncomfortable and the mom shook her head as I walked off.

We get our order and go to sit outside, and we have no choice but to walk by them. The woman is still gawking at me. Now I was thinking “is this woman serious right now what the fuck is her problem” the daughter isn’t doing much, can’t even look at me. I’m irritated, but I do not want to cause a scene. I finally say “Hi, how are you doing today” and she was so. fucking. shocked. She just said in an overly cheery voice “I’m doing great” smiled then complimented my lipstick. I laughed, and walked away. Daughter wouldn’t look at me still, by now I think she’s just embarrassed of her mothers ridiculous behavior.

I do not know what her actual problem was, but I would like this woman and others like her to know that none of your casual (or not so casual) harassment is going to make me any less confident, nor will it make you any happier with yourselves. Do not be bitter of other women and teach your daughters the same. Your daughters, especially young ones, are impressionable.. your words about other women have an effect on them and how they view other women. End toxic girl on girl hate. Instead, build one another up, do not tear others down. We all have inner battles and struggles going on, we can all relate on some level.

Do not think that you need to follow any certain “rule” because of your body size or appearance, and do not impose such ridiculous rules and expectations on other women because you cannot possibly fathom how someone with a non slender body has a shred of confidence in herself.

If a woman is wearing something you would feel over exposed in, realize it is a personal choice; a preference. Not something that applies to all of us. Most importantly, know that a woman’s choice of attire does not reflect on her worth, her self respect, intellect or humanity. ..and if people just aren’t treating you right, kill them with kindness. 👍

Can you idiots please stop going on in public in shit deliberately designed to garner attention. Then act like you’re being oppressed for getting attention. Or just stop going out in public. 

Or at least lose some weight before doing so.

I’m thinking to myself does this woman have no shame or does she not know I see what’s going on”

Basically my thoughts seeing a woman going out in an outfit like this. Which is probably what that mother was thinking about you. IRONYYY

this girl’s top looks more like underwear and those shorts are ridiculously short. Fair enough if you want to look like a cheap slut, your doing a great job at that. Don’t have a go at the mother for giving you those looks, I know I’d do the same.

Would rather be a ‘fat slut’ than a nazi sympathiser.

I would be looking fab and getting laid rather than having a very narrow and illogical view of the world.

first off durkin62 you look like you’re about to shoot up a fucking school any minute


so Im not completely surprised by the fact that you’re a piece of shit who thinks its funny to target women for what they choose to wear in public. Like if your ugly ass, nazi worshipping self can go outside and just be a general idiot and not get thrown in jail for being the town fool then I think she should be allowed to wear what the fuck she wants

misogyny-mermaid alright I don’t think I need to explain to you how much you shouldn’t help enforce the above piece of shits mentality that you shouldn’t be able to walk outside your own home in what makes you feel good and doesn’t offend anyone but ummm I truly don’t know how to talk to you because you’re posting pictures like this



all on the fucking internet like come on now use some fucking common sense you even talked about how you bought these because your own grandmother was mocking your body and made you feel insecure and a worthless piece of shit afterwards. Like how are you gonna try and shaming someone for how they look in the same typa shit you’re wearing yourself?

(tbh if you ever stop being a dumb bitch I’d be down to fuck just an fyi)


your blog is just all kinds of fucking stupid and Idk how the fuck you truly believe all that shit but you have one of the most fucking annoying blogs I’ve ever seen on this site. like its just littered with this




thanks for proving that white culture is the most destructive and full of hatred out of all cultures because of how bad you truly believe that because you lack melanin in your skin you are truly better than people. Oh, and your self hatred about being born a woman is showing



alright you little house on the prairie, “I married my brother and hate my own vagina because my hus-brother says its devil magic how I bleed and don’t die every month” looking shithead. Just because you don’t have enough confidence in yourself to take off that veil of stupidity and open your eyes to the world doesn’t mean other people can’t try and push for being able to fucking show off what they’ve got. I can’t wait until you have sons and they hate you and you finally realize how big of a piece of shit you are that even the people who came out of you won’t love you because you raised them not to respect you as even a human being

Overall all of you need to shut the fuck up and stop thinking you’re better than everyone cause we bleed the same color and your ass is about to show the world how true that statement is if you say your stupid ass beliefs in real life. 


shit son…

K I’d just like to add that OP looks hot as fuck in this outfit and 10/10 would stare at her because she looks gorgeous.
Anyone who had negative comments about this can eat a bag of dicks. This beauty looks not only fab, but it was hot out. How is it more acceptable that some douche walk around without his shirt on? This shit pisses me off.
Dear lexlifts, you’re gorgeous and I hope you keep doing you!